“Stand, Sit, Kneel” Improv Game

kneelstandsit.gif The action-packed improv game "Stand, Sit, Kneel" will keep the players moving and the audience entertained. The object is for three players to improvise a scene in which no two players are ever in the same position.

Step 1

The caller places a chair in the center of the stage.

Step 2

The caller introduces three players.

Step 3

The caller takes a suggestion from the audience for a setting or topic for the scene they are about to see.

Step 4

One player stands on stage, one kneels, and one sits on the chair.

Step 5

The players begin a scene, based on the audience suggestion, justifying their positions. One not-too original example: A priest sits in a confessional, a parishioner kneels to confess, and the parishioner's wife stands outside listening.

Step 6

After several seconds, one player changes position. The player must have a reason for doing so. For example, the person sitting may kneel down to get something off a shelf, the person standing may sit down to eat, or the person kneeling may jump to their feet in anger.

Step 7

As soon as one player changes position, another must assume that players position. If the kneeler, stands, for instance, the stander should kneel. Ideally, their movements should overlap so they are never in the same position. Again, the change should be justified in the context of the scene.

Step 8

After the first few moves, the players should accelerate the scene by decreasing the amount of time between changes.

Step 9

The caller signals with a bell or buzzer any time two or more players are in the same position.

Step 10

The scene ends when it reaches a climax. By the end of the scene, no player should be remaining in place for more than a second.

Bonus Tips
  • To increase participation, forgo the buzzer and ask the audience to boo loudly when they see two people in the same position. They'll love it, even if you don't.
  • To make the game much more challenging, add more people and more positions. For instance, five people could play "Stand, Sit, Kneel, Lean, Bend."